Representing the Five Discourses: The Juggler

processes and systems keep artifacts, Experience, and Culture afloat. Just like a five discourse juggler. 


Illustration of a person on a unicycle juggling 3 objects

To shake our gravity up. Whee, in the air
The balls roll around, wheel on his wheeling hands,
Learning the ways of lightness, alter to spheres
Grazing his finger ends,
Cling to their courses there,
Swinging a small heaven about his ears.
An excerpt from Richard Wilbur’s The Juggler

Not all discourses of design interact with each other in the same way. processes and systems manipulate other elements of design while artifacts, experiences, and Culture are more concrete elements. Processes and systems, however, are dynamic. They, like a juggler, tend to other discourses of design and their interactions. The juggler (the Process and systems) work constantly and dynamically to keep the elements flowing as intended.

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