Design Salon Recap: Tim Wright of Attucks Adams

On September 18, Tim Wright of Attucks Adams led a mini walking tour of Washington D. C. and discussed how he redesigned his tours during COVID-19. Watch the recording here.


The spread of COVID-19 triggered seismic shifts in educational institutions including informal educational experiences like local walking tours. On September 18, Tim Wright of Attucks Adams ( lead a salon discussing how he shifted his educational walking tours, which emphasize the design of the places around him, to online tours of Washington D.C., through his photographs.

Highlights include:

  • Tim taking us on a mini-tour of D.C.’s T street revealing how he sees the the details in the way a block is designed.
  • A discussion about how “Built Sciences” (or an emphasis on the designed world) could be incorporated into the curriculum.
  • Some exciting thoughts on flood walls and public seating in D.C. (with pictures!).
  • Analyzing how the built environment can reveal evidence of systemic racism.

See the video below:

To reach out to Tim or join a tour, visit, email, or follow him on Twitter @attucksadams.

Lastly, why is his tour company called Attucks Adams? Read about it here:

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