Design Salon Recap: Jen Buchanan and Brittany Hinyard

On February 12, Jen Buchanan and Brittany Hinyard joined us to talk about collaboration, innovation, and leveraging current systems to work toward a better future. Watch the recording here.


Creating innovative schools which can adapt to modern-day challenges requires creative solutions. Two educator-leaders in pursuit of these creative solutions, Jen Buchanan and Brittany Hinyard, joined us for a design salon on February 12 to share their thoughts and research on adaptive school Culture (for more about them see this post).

Highlights of the design salon include:

  • How innovation must be based on the DNA of a school
  • The biggest barriers in the way of enacting change including teacher stress levels and empowerment
  • How principles need to share leadership. How they should groom future leaders and teachers.
  • How modern education is more about building relationships than knowledge acquisition
  • “Being innovative is about staying relevant and responsible”

For more about the Future Schools Alliance, see their website here: Future Schools Alliance. To join future design salons, check back in with our website for the schedule.

See the video below:

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