Design Salon Recap: Dr. Sarah Fine of High Tech High

On October 30, author and teaching apprentice program director Dr. Sarah Fine joined us to talk about redesigning school Culture. Watch the recording here.


How can we redesign school Culture and school systems to create more deep learning experiences for students? Dr. Sarah Fine, author of In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest to Remake the American High School and the Director of the Teacher Apprenticeship Program at High Tech High, joined the Talking About Design team to discuss key issues regarding design and the American education System.

Highlights include:

  • Dr. Fine’s explanation of deeper learning and where she found it in American high schools.
  • A discussion about the ‘culture’ of particular schools and how to shift culture through design choices.
  • Thoughts about the COVID-19 crisis and the consequences on teacher burnout and educational redesign.
  • Her thoughts on designing unique schools within the greater system (of tests and college admissions).

For those interested, more about High Tech High can be found on their website,, or in the documentary, Most Likely to Succeed (Available to stream on Amazon Prime).

For more insight into Dr. Fine’s thoughts about education and current issues, we recommend this 2019 Chalkbeat article: I Was a White Teacher Who Couldn’t Talk About Race. A Journey through Successful U.S. High Schools Changed My Thinking

See the video below:

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