Steven Weiner

Steven Weiner

About Steven

Steven started a short-lived business in the first grade selling an invention he called “Elephant Shoes”. He took empty restaurant-sized tomato sauce cans, turned them upside-down, tied string to their tops, painted “nails” on their front and tried to sell them to kids who wanted to be taller. It was his first taste of the excitement–and failure–of innovation. Many years later, he is getting a Ph.D. so that he can design a school System of the future that encourages students and teachers to be more creative, innovative, and persistent in pursuing their dreams.

What is design?

Design is the way humans talk to the world–and how the world talks back. Most people are “talking design” but don’t even know it.

Why are you participating in this project?

Design is one of the key missing pieces in our educational system. It is the central thing that we do not teach, but rather expect our students to learn on their own. By participating in this project, I hope to explore how we can both design better schools and integrate design education into them.